Meet Pamela


Pamela Nelson-Grotrian was a college student who couldn’t make up her mind what she wanted to do when she grew up.  At one time, she had six majors at the same time.  She finally settled on social work and has been very happy with her life’s career ever since.


Pamela has worked as a social worker in a variety of settings helping people deal with a wide range of life’s problems.  These include working for domestic violence shelters and hotlines, crisis hotlines, mental health facilities, nursing home facilities, home care agencies, and working with people who were homeless.  Over the years she has met many wonderful people.


Elder Concerns, L.C. has been a good fit for Pamela and allows her to best use her professional skills.  Elder Concerns, L.C. thinks outside the box in order to find solutions for seniors.  Pamela learned this the first week she worked full-time for Elder Concerns, L.C. as she was asked to dispose of a mouse on a mousetrap and rebait and rearm the mousetrap.  Pamela remembers thinking, “This wasn’t covered in graduate school.”  Pamela greatly enjoys meeting seniors and discovering ways of fulfilling someone’s needs in order for them to have the best quality of life possible.  She plans to stay at Elder Concerns, L.C. and think outside the box for years to come.

Contact Pamela

Phone: (515) 274-4471