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Meet Karina


Karina started her college career in nursing school, hoping to serve older adults.  She had always enjoyed learning from older people but it wasn’t until Karina watched both of her grandfathers in hospice care that she realized her passion for helping.  Karina liked the challenge of nursing school but found the medical settings too restrictive for her preferred level of involvement.  She found that social work allowed her to help clients wherever life took them.

In 2019, Karina started working for Elder Concerns, L.C..  She worked part-time while finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.  During that time, she started building strong connections with many of the clients and found that Elder Concerns, L.C. would be a good fit for her career as a social worker. Karina earned Grand View University’s Social Work Service Award and graduated in April of 2020.

Contact Karina

Phone: (515) 201-3471


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