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Welcome to Elder Concerns, L.C.
Geriatric Care Coordination
Patient Advocacy

and much more...

Elder Concerns is a private practice concerned with enhancing and stabilizing the health of Iowa’s senior population.  We recognize that the needs and desires of each client are unique.  Therefore, we strive to use our combined knowledge base and professional skills to address each client’s individual issues.  We are proud to have served older Iowans for over 31 years. 

What we do

Serving individuals:

  • In their home

  • In assisted living

  • In the hospital

  • In facilities

and other living situations

Individualized Services

  • Create and update monthly care plans

  • Coordinate repairs

  • Transportation

  •  Facilitate adjustments to chronic conditions

Mental Health Services

and much more...

Medical Advocacy

  • Coordination of care

  • Tracking appointments

  • Care during procedures

  • Crisis intervention

  • Planning

Financial Matters

  • Money management assistance

  • Conservator, trustee, or fiduciary services

  • Bill-paying reminders

Members of:


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Elder Concerns, L.C.
2420 Beaver Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50310
(515) 274-4471
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